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Trio Global Kabel

About Us

TRIO GLOBAL KABEL GmbH evolution has been founded on the premises that the key to success in business comes from continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Professionalism, efficiency, reliability, positive attitude and determination are the key traits for our company, guiding us in our daily work, in the way we relate to people, various cultures and how we do business worldwide.

We manufacture Results

Experience allows us to deliver high quality cables for domestic and international market, under any kind of regulation or technical specification.


Public & Private power utilities/ Industrial/ Infrastructure/ Shipping/ Motorways & Railways/ Government agencies/ Ministry of Defence/ High-rise buildings/ Residential hospitals/ Stadiums/ Hotels/ Schools, Colleges & Universities/ Shopping centres/ Office buildings/ Refineries/ Oil platforms/ Offshore/ Chemical Industry/ Airports/ Seaports   

We are a wholeseler specialized in:

Low, medium & high voltage cables (AL & CU) * Rubber cables * Instrumentation cables * Fiber Optic cables * LAN & Data cables * Telecommunication & communications cables * Signal & control cables * Fire Resistant & halogen free cables * Fire alarm cables * Special cables on request.  

Since the foundation of our company, we have focused on finding the best solutions by making fast and smart decisions and by having a superior managerial skills.  

Our goal is to ensure consumers that they can trust our products due to their superior technical characteristics and availability.

We understand the export and we offer a complete service, including:

  • Fast delivery;
  • Fast responses to enquiries;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • Container loading ramp and facilities;
  • Export packing as standard;
  • Reasonable minimum production quantity;
  • Short delivery times;
  • Cables cut to length;
  • EUR 1 certificates, certified by chamber of commerce;
  • Certificates of origin;
  • Product Certificates;
  • Packing list;
  • Data sheets;
  • Test reports;
  • Up to 36 months warranty;
  • Dispatch by courier, air/ sea/ road/ rail transport/ warehouse pickup.

We work with the best products whose quality is certified and in agreement with the highest international standards.

  • Quality Management System Certificate ISO EN 9001
  • Environmental Management System Certificate ISO EN 14000
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate ISO EN 18001

Our team of professionals is happy to help you.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you,
Trio Kabel

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For information, technical data sheet or quotations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


TRIO GLOBAL KABEL GmbH Königsallee 27 40212 Düsseldorf



+49 01522 7898889 +49 211 71002025

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